The BIGGEST lie S&B photographers tell themselves

There’s a myth going around in the Shoot & Burn (S&B) world and it’s keeping photographers sheltered and afraid.

I have mentored hundreds of photographers who desperately want to make the switch from S&B to IPS (In Person Sales), but they believe very deeply that they can’t.

They know IPS would allow them to earn more of a profit.

They know IPS would give them MORE time with their families (not less, despite the extra time invested with each client).

And they know that IPS would allow them to eliminate the difficult clients that S&B seems to attract.

You would think that those reasons alone would be enough for photogs to be jumping at the chance to sell to their clients in person, rather than handing over a disk.

But there’s one BIG lie that these S&B photographers tell themselves that hold them back from creating a better business and LIFE.,
and here it is:
“There are only Shoot & Burn photographers in my town, so I have to be a Shoot & Burn too if I want to compete.”

Girlfriend. GIRLFRIEND!!!

I want to shake you when you say things like this!

Here’s the thing – do you want to “compete”, or do you want to stand out?

Let me give you a quick news flash. Every town is oversaturated with S&B photogs.

Every. Damn. Town.

Your town is not special. It is not different. There are not more S&B photogs in your town than any other.

But when you tell yourself this lie, you hold yourself back from a far superior business model.

When you compete with the masses, you have to accept whatever scraps you are given. But when you set yourself apart, offer something different and unique, you rise to the top. And that is what selling your work directly to your clients does. It makes YOU special. It makes YOU unique. And it makes YOU different from the majority of the photographers out there.

When you offer the same thing that everyone else does, then you must compete on price. You have to offer a lower price just to get clients in the door because they have dozens of other options just like you.

But when you offer something different (and something superior) you can charge a premium for your work.

Let me put it another way. Let’s say you are a fantastic cook and your family hounds you for years to open up your own restaurant and share your talent with the world (or, at least, your town).

Let’s also say that your specialty, the dish that REALLY gets everyone’s mouth watering is your hamburgers. You use a special seasoning in the burger, you toast the bun just perfectly, and your toppings are amazing and unlike anything else.

So you finally decide to take the plunge and open up your own burger joint.

Here’s the big question though – do you want to open a fast-food, drive-through, make-it-ahead burger joint? Or, do you want to open a sit-down restaurant where customers can place their order from a well trained server (who can answer questions and offer suggestions) , listen to killer music, and enjoy a full dining experience with their family?

Well, if you choose the first option, you’ll be competing with all of the Mickey-D’s that are on every damn corner.

But if you choose the more personalized option, you will have very little competition.
Making your restaurant special, unique, and successful.

I know which one I would choose.

That’s how I’ve set up my photography business. I don’t want to compete with the masses. I want to stand out and rise to the top.

That is why IPS is the obvious choice.

So the next time you are faced with the fact that your town is totally oversaturated with S&B photographers, be grateful. Because that means there’s an opening for you. There’s a spot for you to stand up and stand out. There’s a way for YOU to be DIFFERENT from everyone else.

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