One easy step to increase your sales in 2016

You might be the type of photographer that sees inspiration for things you want to photograph everywhere you go. Oh, how I envy you. Yes, I do see that type of inspiration sometimes, but not nearly as often as I’d like.

However I DO see inspiration for business and marketing ideas constantly. (I know, a bit nerdy, but I own it.) Aaaaaand, I just had a great idea for you that I think could totally boost your sales in 2016.

While I was grocery shopping I went straight for the raspberry stand, ready to grab two baskets. But as I approached I noticed the sign said “3 for $10”. Now, I know that they’re not giving me any sort of discount for buying 3 baskets instead of 1 or 2, but I took 3 anyway. Why? Well, I’m not totally sure, it just sounded like a good idea. And I do that all. the. time. I’m willing to bet you do too. How do I know? Because grocery stores use that tactic constantly, and they don’t use strategies that don’t work. Grocery stores test out strategies all the time, to see how they can get you to buy more of something, or where they can place an item to make sure you put it into your cart. Yeah, bud. They are total sales ninjas. So when I see them using the same strategy over and over again, I want to know how I can adapt it into my business and make it work for me.

So that’s when I thought “What if you and I used that same strategy with 5x7s?”. (Or “gift prints”, if that’s your jam). Here’s how I’ve got my prices right now:

One 5×7 is $45

But what if I changed it to:

Two 5x7s $90

It’s the exact same cost for the client, and if they asked if only purchasing one is an option of course I would say yes. How many extra 5x7s do you think you could sell though, just by making this teeny tweak on your price list?

Let’s do the math (sorry if you’re still hungover from your New Year’s Eve party, but this is money-math! Aren’t you excited?!!!)

Let’s say you did 100 sessions in 2015. And let’s also say that your 5×7 price is the same as mine and that you only sell one extra 5×7 with each session, using this new method. Ummmm, that’s an extra $4,500 in your bank account. Yes please! Do you see how little tweaks can have a huge impact? Selling one extra 5×7 with each order doesn’t sound too impressive, until you’re adding up your total revenue for the year and realize that

Full disclosure: I haven’t used this method in my studio (yet), so I can’t say with absolute certainty that it WILL work for you (even if it does work for me, it still may not work for you). But I have a really strong hunch that it will. And there’s certainly no harm in trying it out. So here’s the plan – right now, go back through all of your 2015 sessions and add up how many clients purchased 5x7s, and how many 5x7s total they purchased. This time next year do the same thing to see exactly how much that number grows. Report back to me so that I can clink my virtual champagne glass with you as we celebrate your success!

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