Monthly Archives: December 2015

One easy step to increase your sales in 2016

You might be the type of photographer that sees inspiration for things you want to photograph everywhere you go. Oh, how I envy you. Yes, I do see that type of inspiration sometimes, but not nearly as often as I’d like. However I DO see inspiration for business and marketing ideas constantly. (I know, a […]

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One Crucial Mistake that is Killing your portrait business and how to fix it

Photographer: “I don’t know how to get my clients to purchase wall portraits. All they want are the digital files”. Me: “So then stop giving them the digital files before they purchase wall portraits.” There. Problem Solved. . . . . . . . . Ok fine, I’ll go a little deeper for you 😉 […]

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My Christmas gift to you – cloud overlays!

2015 was a great year for me. My portrait studio continued to grow, which allowed me to take my family on quite a few adventures. My favorite one though was to Costa Rica. We spent the week of Thanksgiving in this amazing country. All I could do the entire week was shake my head in […]

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How to get your clients to VALUE photography

I’ve heard it too many times: “These clients could afford to buy more, but they didn’t” Having the means to place a large order, does not mean a client WILL place a large order. It’s simply one ingredient in a big ol’ recipe. Some of the other main ingredients? – URGENCY! – Your clients need […]

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